Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The veiw from a treadmill

We bought a treadmill at Christmas time and consequently I've been spending some time on it trying to keep my sanity and fit into regular clothes.  My maturnity clothes are getting warn out.  The other day I had cleaned up throw up and been pooped and peed on and I was just working out some of the tension that bodily fluids invokes on the treadmill and I had some thoughts and since you're reading my blog, you get to hear them.

There are several things that people use to measure their lives and the changes that are inevitable.  I thought about the views that I have had from a treadmill.  For a while I boycotted treadmills because I thought they were so boring. 

When I graduated from college I saw the light and goodness that a treadmill can be.  Don't get me wrong, I prefer to run outside, but when life changes you have to take the best options.  For a while the view from a treadmill was other people working out.  I worked in the laboratory and I would go and run in the morning before heading into work.  It wasn't a boring view, people watching at the gym is a lot of fun, but it was forgettable. 

As my profession changed the view from the treadmill changed.  My view changed to a hotel wall or a mirror.  Again, utterly unforgettable with the exception of horrible equipment that I would try and get a good run on. 

Fast forward to today ... the view from the treadmill is a dark, unfinished basement.  There are cars, trucks, train tracks, and a little boy that at any moment could be sporting just his diaper and a smile.  Needless to say this is the most memorable of the views to this point in life.  It is the hardest, most challenging, most motivation, and the best.  At any given moment I could be required to get off the treadmill and fix the train track, kiss an "ouchie", or watch my little man run as fast as he can and yell " I nuts ... I nuts!".  I see him and I know that families are so important.  My role in my little family is very important and this is the view that I will never forget and I will be sad when it is gone. 

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